Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking form

1. Unless you have already discussed your booking with us, completing the online booking form is NOT a confirmation of your booking.
2. Before completing the online booking form, we ask that you please check with us (a) the date you require is available and (b) the booking option you require is possible for your location.
3. After receiving your booking form we will contact you and send you a quote.
4. All quotes are valid for 2 weeks.


1. After you confirm your booking, you will receive a quote and a request for a deposit of €50 to secure your booking.
2. On the day of the show we will present our final invoice ( quoted price – down payment) to the person who has booked us. We expect payment on the day or within 10 working days of our visit to your school/organization.
3. Payments can be made online by clicking the link in our invoice, by Electronic Transfer or by Cheque.
4. Payment details will be on the invoice.

Booking Cancellation / Refund Policy


1. If you need to cancel a booking date due to unforeseen circumstances, Exploration Dome will try and arrange an alternative date with you. Please call us on 061 781 9154 or email us at: to arrange cancellation.
2. If you cancel less than two weeks prior to booking date and no alternative date is arranged, Exploration Dome reserves the right to invoice 100% of the quotation cost.
3. If you cancel less than 1 month and greater than two weeks prior to booking date and no alternative date is arranged, Exploration Dome reserves the right to invoice for 75% of the quotation cost.
4. If you cancel less than 2 months and greater than 1 month prior to booking and no alternative date is arranged, Exploration Dome reserves the right to invoice for 50% of the quotation cost.
5. If you cancel more than for 2 months prior to booking and no alternative date is arranged, you will forfeit your deposit.
6. Exploration Dome can cancel/reschedule within 72 hrs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Requirements on the day

1. Online Sessions
1.1 To connect for online Sessions the client needs to have a good internet connection.
1.2 Client will need to have an interactive whiteboard or a projection system that can project from a computer/laptop.

2. In class sessions
2.1 A white board if possible. If not present we can provide a screen.
2.2 We will provide a projector unless the venue has a projector ready for use.
2.3 Space to set up our projector.
2.4 Two power sockets

3. Dome visits
3.1 A indoor area of at least 8m x8m with a minimum of 4m vertical clearance (taking light fixtures and similar into account, with a flat, solid and clean (dust-free) floor.
3.2 Two power sockets nearby.
3.3 Children must not have access to the area outside the dome without supervision by responsible adults.
3.4 Access to unload and move equipment by trolley via a flat route. This can include ramps/lifts leading to the space where the equipment will be set up. Ideally there should be no (or very few) steps. Please discuss any potential issues in advance of booking confirmation to ensure access will be possible. Potential issues may be (but are not restricted to) more than 4-5 steps, narrow corridors and tight corners.
3.5 If parking facilities are not available at the location and parking charges apply, please discuss this in advance to ensure that our staff are aware and ready to pay on the day.
Any parking charges will be added to your invoice.
3.6 Safe, secure storage for equipment to be stored when unattended (e.g. overnight for multiple-day bookings). The hirer is liable for any theft/damage while the equipment is in storage on site.
3.7 Venue staff are responsible for and must accompany all children not otherwise supervised by and adult guardian (e.g. in schools all classes must be accompanied by a teacher or other appropriate adult).
3.8 For public events all children under 8 years of age will need to be accompanied by their responsible adult. All children 8 to 14 will need to have permission from their responsible adult (given in person) before entering the dome.

Requirements on the day

4.1 Exploration Dome will endeavour to deliver a friendly, educational, entertaining and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
4.2 Exploration Dome staff reserve the right to ask any person(s) to leave the planetarium and its vicinity if they are considered to be acting overly disruptive, dangerous (including danger to the equipment) or in an otherwise inappropriate way.
4.3 If Exploration Dome staff are considered to have acted in an inappropriate way, the hirer is directed to make this known to them during the visit, and also to contact the Exploration Dome Office, at or call 087 1143411 / 087 7915796 or 061 781915
4.4 Exploration Dome staff is Garda vetted. Please contact our office if you require a copy of the vetting document.
4.5 If any equipment is damaged or stolen by a member of your organisation (including but not restricted to volunteers, pupils, cubs or adult club members) then you are legally obliged to compensate Exploration Dome for the full replacement value of the damaged/stolen item(s).
4.6 For events involving the general public, liability for damage to equipment by these visitors rests with the hirer as in 4.3, unless agreed otherwise with Exploration Dome. Such agreement must be given in writing prior to booking confirmation.
4.7 We strongly recommend you ensure the area around the dome is kept clear at all times. There needs to be little or no traffic of people. If a school, then students not booked into the dome cannot be in the vicinity of the dome without teacher supervision.

Requirements on the day

5.1 By making a booking you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions above.

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